His Second Term is Tomorrow And other things to working on.


IMAG2689Since Geraldo ”The King of Transit” Gonzalez had won his Second Term in July 4, 2013 and took office of his art work beginning Tomorrow (8/30/2013) and Celebriting of his Second Term. Geraldo have things to do to get things done by January 21, 2017 (which his last term), He  working on somthing new beside buses itsself on his artwork,, He adding and creating new in ”Psychedelic Visions Design,” Which he stil working on it since early of this year. After a long meeting last year of December about a new better ideas for his next upcoming shows in 2013, Maybe if we can create somthing new besides buses its self should be adding with locations and people getting on of off the bus or train Tommy Baker said, Geraldo also made a clear statement about his idea about creating in Psychedelic desgin ” I think its was a better idea if i we can make it better so people don’t complain about it but i do got some folks at the Wilmington Art loop can in gave me good comments and great ideas but we do got some other folks came in and complaining about my work, If they dont like my artwork, dont come here Geraldo Said. The art show was held in April 13, 2012 with 170 visitors came visit and his next show on May 6, 2012 and no one come to view his work. This year, Geraldo and his crew creating his art statement about his interest and his better artwork in Psychedelic design with locations and people in public transportation, Geraldo did his Second aunnal of his art show in June and July 2013 with group of folks came in with no Complaining. This Fall there are more art and video projects to go unit spring 2014 for his third aunnal of his art show. His at show will be called ”Psychedelic Vision Desgin” coming in 2014.photo_00092


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  1. I like the bright and colorful artwork!

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